The return of Forecastle

As a moderately avid festival goer, Forecastle is one of my favorites for several reasons. Mainly, because it’s easy and it’s in my backyard. Its small enough to be manageable and laid out in a way that makes it convenient. It is also a reunion of sorts for me as many of my Lexington friends come to the festival. That is probably my most favorite part. There is a kinship that comes with music and being at festivals with people of like thought. It’s something that has been missing for me since moving here, so when I do get to share it with those dear to me…I’m elated! I remember looking around during The Flaming Lips performance at the 2010 Festival and thinking ‘how amazing is this?!?’ with my heart bursting. The videos of that performance still give me chills especially ones like THIS of the incredible Do You Realize?. And this year should be even better! The lineup is outrageous. Something for everyone. Although for me, I would love more bluegrass but I think I will survive.

On Friday this year, I will be in the VIP area serving up drinks benefitting The Forecastle Foundation. Come see me and learn more about the focus and work this Foundation is doing!

Somethings I am looking forward to hearing this weekend…

Abigail Washburn (she is a bad ass. She is one of my favorite sounds. oh yeah, and she is gorgeous)

My Morning Jacket (so in love with this song)

Galactic (Century City is my fave but I couldn’t find a video)

Preservation Hall Jazz Band (so Del McCoury wont be be at Forecastle…but oh snap this is my dream!! Amen.)

Neko Case (sigh)

Wilco (I love these lyrics)

Andrew Bird (I’m a new fan to Andrew Bird. A friend played this on our way back from New Orleans and I was like WHO IS THIS?)

Sleigh Bells (such a creative band! Looking forward to seeing this chick live.)

Atmosphere (my Atmosphere song)

Also, here is a link to a great article by ACE Weekly about the festival. Don’t forget sunscreen and a poncho!!!



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